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Atomic Turtle - Video Wall

The Video Wall was an idea to improve upon the LCD picture frames that were popular at the time.  I didn't want to manually load pictures into the frames and networked versions didn't have the features I wanted.  I decided to build my own and, as is my nature, go overboard with the design.

The Video Wall used a dedicated server, called Frame Server, to drive four display monitors plus a fifth monitor that was slaved to one of the other monitors.  Four monitors were mounted in the entry hall and the fifth was mounted in the guest bathroom down the hall.

Display functions were handled by a Firefox browser running on each frame.  This allowed me to write all of the display code as client side web pages.  The Frame Server used PHP code to retreive photos from the web server, called Yorktown, and display them on the picture frames. 

The Frame Server delivered a new picture or movie to the picture frames using photo EXIF data to size each picture to fit within the picture frame.  The delay between changes in photos/videos could be set for any interval and we eventually settled on 45 seconds.  In practice the frames got out of synch with each other at startup and changed photos at their own 45 second intervals.

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