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Atomic Turtle - Super Frame

I had a large wall in need of art work and wanted a cheap but very cool piece to display thousands of family pictures. Most people would hang a couple of family pictures on the wall and call it a day but I am not most people.  I decided that I needed at least 2,000 pictures and designed a picture frame that could hold that many.  We ended up with a very artistic picture frame that holds enough pictures to record our entire history as a family.  In 2012 it contained 1,100 pictures and we add 100 new pictures each year..

Postage stamp size pictures are printed on glossy photo paper and then glued to the picture frame.  It takes a lot of pictures to fill the space but that is what this project was about.  I'd built a similar project in 2000 and this is a radically up scaled version of that, and it turned out great.  It will continue to grow as the years go by.

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