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Atomic Turtle - SPEV Gearbox

SPEV is an Estes model rocket that was born when the rocket company discovered they had too many extra parts in their warehouse. They cobbled those unneeded nose cones, fins, parachutes, etc. into a new kit and called it SPEV. SPEV means Spare Parts Elimination Vehicle and sales of the kit quickly eliminated those extra spare parts. I had lumber, wire, motors, paint, and various other spares from previous projects stashed around the house and decided I needed to build a SPEV of my own. This Gearbox is almost completely built from spare parts I already had and served the same purpose the Estes SPEV did.  Plus it's cool, which is nice.

The SPEV Gearbox is mounted on the wall over the towel rack in the guest bathroom.  It features a 1 RPM motor that turns a series of large gears, a ten RPM motor that spins an aluminum heat sink, four blue LEDs and four multicolor LEDs.  The whole thing runs on 110v house current and is wired to the exhaust fan.  The wires are hidden in the wall but if you turn on the bathroom exhaust fan the Gearbox starts moving and flashing.  The gears move slowly and the Gearbox looks like it is quietly performing some task. 

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