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Atomic Turtle - Falling Shelves

The Falling Shelves are mounted over the toilet in the guest bathroom.  They are oak shelves that have been broken up and skewed as if they are collapsing.  Each shelf is held up by a hidden bracket, making them all look free floating.  Items are arranged as if they are sliding off but all are securely mounted with silicon glue.  We started using silicon when the hot glue we originally used started randomly failing, usually around 3am, sending objects plummeting to the floor.  This was not a popular design feature.

Each item on the shelves is a tourist item we purchased on a family trip.  Disney, Alaska, Vegas, Sea World, USS Iowa, Arizona, etc. are all represented by something on the shelves and every time we travel to a new place we add something from that place to the shelves.  This makes the piece a very relevant piece of art for the family because every time we are in that bathroom we remember all of the great places we have visited together.

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