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Atomic Turtle - Alderaan Shard 2

The Alderaan Shard is a piece of flotsam found drifitng in the Alderaan debris field.  It turns out those Alderaan folks were more involved in the Rebellion than they admitted to.  It can be risky to fight evil, and Alderaan paid the ultimate price.

This is the second Shard I've built and it does a bit more than the first one. It is wired to two sensors in the garage that detect whether or not the two garage doors are open. The first bay is a double-bay, and the Shard lights up Bay 1 and 2 lights when it is open. Bay three is a single and the Shard lights up Bay 3 when it is open. Bay 4 was lost in the destruction of Alderaan and it's light has also been destroyed.

In addition to the Shard's garage door warning lights the Shard supplies power to two sets of garage door opener buttons in the two garage bays. The buttons I use are Atari cone switches, also called volcano switches, that light up. Every time I use one of these 1982-era arcade machine buttons to open the garage it takes me back to the 80s when I used identical buttons to start games at the arcade.

The Shard is made from 1/8" honeycomb fiberglass board that was cut, torn, beaten, twisted, and burned to make it look like it came from an exploded building.  The Rebel Alliance propaganda poster and stickers were things I found on the Internet and liked.  I made the other pieces from various new and junk parts.  I threw the Shard on the floor and used my foot to scrape it along the garage floor to add the scratches and used a torch to burn the edges. And now it alerts us every day if we've left a garage door open. It's quite useful!

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