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Atomic Turtle - Centuri Engineering Tribute

Centuri Engineering Company was a business that really demonstrated true outside the box thinking. Their designs were highly innovative and far superior to just about everything else out there. I still remember watching my rocket buddies taping their fins back together and stuffing wadding into their Estes rockets as I launched my more rugged and cooler-looking Orion, Centurion, and Taurus over and over again with no wadding at all. In today's world of cookie-cutter, ready-made rockets, Centuri designs stand out even more than they did in the 1970's. Every BAR should have a few CentRocs in his fleet.

Centuri was absorbed by Estes in the early 1980's and the world of rocketry lost access to a wonderful company. Today old Centuri kits are auctioned off for ten times their original price and Centuri plans are traded as if they were sacred texts. Every now and then Estes releases an old Centuri kit like the Black Hawk, Thunder Hawk, or Viking but the GREAT ONES are probably gone forever. Still, I believe there is a robust market out there for the old designs. Who among us rocketeers wouldn't want to own an Orion, a Mach 10, or even an S.S.V. Scorpion?

This is a poster Centuri offered to mail order customers in the early 1980's. The original size was 13x26 inches and it cost all of $1.50.

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