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Atomic Turtle - Model Rockets

Model rocketry is the hobby of building and launching model rockets and I have been flying model rockets off and on since 1976.  Model rocketry combines aviation, electronics, and construction.  Rocket builders learn to balance power, durability, and weight to achieve desired goals and often compete with one another to get the best performance out of their designs.  Rockets were one of the first things I started building and that early experience is largely responsible for the building abilities I have now.  My level of skill is now high enough that I can make just about anything fly.

My fleet is made up of rockets both small and large, a few of which are capable of supersonic speeds.  Some are kits, some are modified kits, and some are my own designs.  I am certified for Level II high power rockets by the National Association of Rocketry (NAR), allowing me to fly rocket motors up to L size, and I have all the ground support gear required for such launches.

Model rocket people are some of the nicest folks you'll ever meet and most are geeks of some kind.  Model rockets are fun to launch, fun to recover, and, sometimes, even fun to watch crash.  And when they do crash I can be heard saying "If they didn't crash we wouldn't get to build new ones!"


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