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Atomic Turtle - Helicopter

Back in 1995 a woman who works in my office asked me to build a kaleidoscope for her fiance, who was a CH-47 Chinook transport helicoptor pilot.  She wanted a glass replica of the helicopter that was a functioning kaleidoscope.

I found schematics for the Chinook on the Boeing web site and resized them to make a desktop-sized replica.  My Chinook was 13 inches long and just over three inches tall.  The body was constructed of dark green streaky glass with opaque black glass for the cockpit windows. To make it work as a kaleidoscope, I mounted the optics inside the body and put a periscope mirror in the cockpit.  The rear section of the helicoptor and the horizontal area over the cockpit are made of clear glass.

To see the image a viewer looks through the clear tail, through the optics, and then up through the cockpit to see the image wheel.  I made the forward rotor axle twice the length of the rear axle so that the rear rotor can be placed on top of the forward one when viewing.  That way there is room in the back to look through the viewing window and two image wheels up front to make the kaleidoscopic image.

The Chinook came out very well and the co-worker's fiance really liked it.

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