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Atomic Turtle - Atlantis Stair

The television show Stargate Atlantis ran from 2004-2009.  When it ended it's run they broke up the set and sold pieces of it to the public.  Part of that set was a room called the Gate Room that featured lighted stairs leading up to the star gate.  My friend Smitty bought a panel that made up part of the facing of one of those stairs.  He asked me to build a white light box that matched the look of the Stargate set to give to his wife Michelle.

Just white light?  Please.  Has Smitty met me?  There was no way I was going to give Smitty and Michelle something so pedestrian.  They are way too awesome of a couple to do that, and we couldn't build something this cool with just white light!  Instead I built a light box with an LED backlight that could display sixteen different colors.  The light box is controlled by an infrared remote control and can cycle through four different lighting effects.  You can even set the intensity of the light from super-bright to barely visible. 



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