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Atomic Turtle - Techno Desk

The Techno Desk idea started when my daughters needed a single place to charge their phones at night. I designed a simple table and then started adding ideas and additional functionality.  I ended up with a design that includes three phone chargers, three general charging stations including two charging drawers, weather station, flashlight, shredder, mail bin, quadruple umbrella holder, dog leash storage, and touch screen computer station that will eventually control my home automation.

The Techno Desk's parts all fit together well enough that it looks like all of this stuff was added on purpose.  It has a sort of Steampunk-ish look to it as well with it's brass, blinking lights, bubbling water tubes, and old-fashioned gooseneck speaker.  It is a major conversation starter at parties and everyone always asks me how I thought of this.  I just built things I needed and it turned out awesome.

The functionality of the table has proven so popular with the family that they started using each piece immediately as it was finished and haven't stopped since.  Visitors regularly plug their phones and tablets into the chargers, check the weather, or surf the Internet.  Everyone should have one of these!

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