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Atomic Turtle - Docking Target

Many people hang tennis balls from their garage ceilings to make a docking target. Just drive into the garage until the tennis ball hits your windshield and you're perfectly parked. We do the same thing, except that tennis ball hanging down from the ceiling can get in the way when you are trying to build things in the garage.

In the first video you can see Captain America and the Minion descending into their positions as the garage door opens, and retracting as it closes.  The second video shows Captain America desending into position while we drive the car into the landing bay.

The solution was to build docking targets that retract into the ceiling when the garage door closes.  There is nothing in my way when I build things any more and I added a red rotating beacon to welcome you into the landing bay.  And we don't use tennis balls either.  One car uses a little yellow Minion, the second car uses a Captain America action figure, and the third uses a disco ball. 

Building retracting docking targets isn't very difficult and it costs only a couple dollars in parts, and the rotating beacon cost less than fifteen dollars to install.  And it's pretty neat when your garage welcomes you home with flashing lights and a docking target lowering into docking position.  It's like flying into a space ship landing bay!






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