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Atomic Turtle - Automatic Lights

Have you ever fumbled for the light switch in your closet or pantry while your arms are loaded with stuff?  Why do you even have to find a switch anyway? Is there ever a time you don't turn your closet light on when you walk in? In a perfect world the closet would automatically turn the light on for you.  Your refrigerator is that smart, why isn't your closet? 

I decided to make my closets smarter and now they turn on the lights every time I open the door.  I mounted push-button switches similar to the one used in your refrigerator to several of my closet and pantry doors. My closets already had switches and lights so most of the wiring was already in place.  I removed the existing light switch and replaced it with a pushbutton that I mounted over the door.  Since the wiring was all done inside the closet, and aesthetics didn't matter, I just ran the wires along the wall.  Everything works very well and now life is grand.  I don't even think about closet lights anymore because they are just on when I need them.


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