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Atomic Turtle - No Name Concerts
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JodyI got married and entered the corporate IT world in Birmingham, later moving to Atlanta, and finally to Savannah.  In 1998 mutual friends decided that a guy named Jody and I needed to meet, so I invited him to lunch at a barbeque place.  Because barbeque is appropriate for any occasion.  Jody showed up, gave me an Audio Adrenaline CD, and quickly became one of my best friends.

Greenville, SC based His Radio was expanding their network into Savannah and Jody was slated to be Savannah's His Radio area coordinator, their top dog in the city.  He was just setting up shop but he had plans for Savannah and those plans included concerts.  Now I understood why we had to meet and I gave Jody the lowdown on what we had done in Dragonslayer.  We realized then and there that we definitely needed to work with each other.

Steven Curtis Chapman / Geoff MooreHis Radio brings concert tours through their affiliate cities and was planning to do the same thing in Savannah as soon as the radio station went on air.  Jody had done some Savannah concerts in the past and already had a few people who had helped, but his job was to run the station, not run a production company.  I took Jody's people, recruited more, and put together a new production team.  We organized it based on Dragonslayer's policies and procedures. There was excitement about bringing concerts to Savannah and it didn't take us too long to finish gathering the team.

No Name badgeWithin a year we were doing concerts again and we've never stopped.  We do 2-5 Savannah-area concerts per year plus a festival every now and then.  Everyone is a volunteer just like before.  The station handles the booking and promotion and I handle the day-of operations.  Sometimes we assist other organizations or bring in a concert or two ourselves but most of the time we work at His Radio events.

But we needed a name.  Our running of occasional non-His Radio concerts meant we could not use the radio station's name.  We had to think of something else.  This wasn't Dragonslayer, that name was dated anyway, and we wanted something more fun that the normal Christian-type organization names.  After a couple of months of thinking we could find no name that fit what we wanted.  Then we realized that was it.  We didn't need a name at all.  We would use No Name for our name.  The new name is kind of edgy, don't you think?

MandisaWe are called No Name because the concerts are not about us.  Our job is to do all the behind the scenes jobs that make concerts work.  We are volunteers who work hard to do the production right so that the bands can minister effectively.  We are fins but none of us get on the stage in front of the audience and we don't chase the bands for autographs.  The No Name title fits this philosophy and we have adopted it as our name.  If you are ever in Savannah and want to work a concert, contact us.  We'll put you on the team, work a concert, and then go hang out with you at Denny's.


Updated Tradition

The Dragonslayer team used to go to IHOP or Waffle House after concerts but No Name goes to Denny's.  That is because there is no IHOP near any of the Savannah concert venues and Denny's is sort of in the middle of where everyone lives. We go there after load-out is complete, pull some tables together, and swap concert stories while enjoying a late night breakfast.  It's a great way to bond with your friends.

Calvary Baptist Temple is a church and school that is located in Savannah's south side.  Calvary's large auditorium makes it a great place to do concerts.  They have hosted some of the largest Christian concerts ever held in Savannah and it is one of our primary concert locations.

The Savannah Civic Center in Savannah's downtown contains the 10,000-seat Martin Luther King Arena and 2,500 seat Johnny Mercer Theater.  Although it is showing it's age the Civic Center is the only large facility in Savannah.  We like it's easy to reach loading docks.

First Baptist Church Richmond Hill is just south of Savannah and hosts concerts and events when we need a smaller facility.  First Baptist is easy to get to and is always willing and able to support events.

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