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Atomic Turtle - Rebirth (1987)
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Atlanta Fest
Mylon & Broken Heart
Mylon & Broken Heart

GregIt is very easy to stop doing concerts, you just tell the agents are you done and then stop returning calls.  After a couple of weeks of that it gets pretty quiet and your long distance phone bill disappears.  With no Dragonslayer to worry about I turned my attention to completing college, finding a job, and quickly became just another student.

I was normal for six months and then I received a call from Greg, Mylon LeFevre's & Broken Heart's manager.  Greg knew I wasn't doing concerts anymore and said he wanted to talk to me about how Dragonslayer organized events.  The band wanted to incorporate our methods into their promoter documentation and Greg wanted me to come to Atlanta to talk with his staff.  That sounded like fun so I jumped in my CRX and drove to Mylon's office in Atlanta.

Mylon & Broken Heart's light kitGreg was true to his word and we spent several hours talking about promotion, organizational structure, training, silver and gold tickets, and all the other things that made Dragonslayer so good at doing concerts.  They took a lot of notes and we had a great time.  When we were finished Greg asked if there was any way for Dragonslayer to start doing concerts again.  I told him we were no longer operating but did not tell him why.

Greg then told me that the situation in Alabama had changed.  Praise Productions, the juggernaut company that had brought in my first concert, had disentegrated.  Two of their recent concerts had done very poorly and several of their staff had moved away from Birmingham.  Praise Productions had shut down and there was now no Christian concert promoter in Birmingham.  Greg said that what Mylon wanted to self-produce his Alabama concerts.  He would handle all of the risks and costs for the concert but still needed a team to handle operations within Alabama and at the concert itself.  Mylon would cover all expenses if I would agree to do it.

Mylon playing racquetballI shut down Dragonslayer because I wanted to follow God's lead and would not do concerts again until a way was provided.  Greg's proposal exactly fit that prayer and I agreed to restart our operations for Alabama Mylon & Broken Heart concerts.  I drove back to Alabama amazed that my prayer had been answered so specifically and Greg called Mylon to tell him Dragonslayer was back for his Alabama shows.  This would work very well since Mylon's promoter requirements were now partly Dragonslayer in origin. 

Later that week Mylon played racquetball with a friend of his named Chuck.  Chuck ran Atlanta Fest, a Woodstock-style multi-day Christian festival.  Mylon told Chuck about his Dragonslayer plan and Chuck asked for my phone number.  The next week Chuck offered me the same deal Mylon had.  Chuck would bring A-list Christian concerts to Birmingham and all expenses would be paid.  All we had to do was the groundwork and ministry. 



Tour Routing

Tours normally try to route themselves in a loop so that they will start and end at their home base.  This is Petra's route from September 1st to October 8th in 1983.  The tour started in Montgomery after a short drive from their home base of Nashville and ended with a concert in Nashville.


Tours generally try to play the largest cities on weekends with medium cities on Thursdays and small towns on the other days.  Birmingham was a Friday/Saturday town and Dragonslayer's other cities usually got Thursdays, but not always.

AtlantaFest is an annual Christian music festival that usually features 50-80 artists during the event's four days.  As with any festival there are A-list bands as well as newcomers and everything in between.


AtlantaFest has strong relationships with most of the bands they host.  In the past this has led to AtlantaFest booking concerts in cities around Atlanta.  They did this very successfully with Dragonslayer but we weren't the only ones who worked with AtlantaFest.

Shades Mountain Baptist is a Birmingham megachurch located near Samford University.  We recruited volunteers from a variety of sources but Shades' 6,000 members were a steady source of volunteers for Dragonslayer.  We had a similar situation with volunteers from the huge Frazier United Methodist in Montgomery.

Dragonslayer Birmingham leader Patrick went to school at Samford University.  When Dragonslayer moved into Birmingham Patrick's efforts at Samford very rapidly produced large numbers of volunteers.  Samford students were highly enthusiastic about volunteering for Dragonslayer and we made many friends there.

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