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Atomic Turtle - What's In A Name?
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What kind of a name is Dragonslayer?  That's the first question people ask because Christian groups don't have names like that.  Christian concert production companies of the 80's had nice names like Praise Productions and Harmony Concerts.  You know, respectable names. 

At the time Contemporary Christian style music was still a new thing in Alabama and a lot of people were on the fence about it.  But we weren't on the fence at all and were eager to push forward with this new avenue for ministry.  We weren't terribly interested in playing things safe and wanted a memorable name that both reflected our mission and would sound aggressive.  After much discussion we finally settled on Dragonslayer Productions, immediately confusing friend and foe alike for the next ten years.


Michael CardBut it's not that confusing if you know the story behind the name.  Dragonslayer is a Christian term and comes from the Michael Card song of the same name.  Card writes great stuff like God's Own Fool, This Must Be The Lamb, and, of course, Dragonslayer.  The song is about Jesus' birth, His mission to be a sacrifice for all of minkind, and His defeat of Satan.  The Dragonslayer in the song is Jesus, which means that Dragonslayer Productions literally means Jesus Productions.


The name matters because the primary purpose of Dragonslayer was to tell people about Jesus.  This was a ministry that supported each bands' outreach ministry and we felt strongly that our role was to help people find their way to Jesus.  And by doing that we were helping to slay whatever dragons that person was facing in life.


Yes the name was a little silly, but it worked, and it did turn out to be memorable.  Dragonslayer was a phenomena in 80's Alabama and decades later people still remember that name and what Dragonslayer did at concerts.  I regularly meet roadies, agents, and band members today who have heard of us or even worked with us back then. 


It is truly amazing to see how far this work from the 80's has resonated and I am sure I will keep hearing Dragonslayer stories in the future.


Michael Card


The star led wizards came to see
Whom might this new born Dragonslayer be
He'd come the serpent's lies to cease
To win for us a never ending peace
The serpent reared his ugly head
In the stillness of the garden
To bite the Dragonslayer's heel
And defeat His plan of pardon
But the Mighty One provided for
The fallen ones instead
And the quest began to slay the beast
To finally crush his head
To finally crush his head


Behold the Dragonslayer
He stills the serpent's scream
He stops his accusations
He spoils the dragon's dream
Behold the Dragonslayer
He died to set us free
The dragon thought he'd won then
It wasn't meant to be
It wasn't meant to be

The dragon sought to take the child
Of the woman clothed in sunlight
But once again the King stepped in
And began to fight the last fight
And so the battle raged between
The heavens and the sky
And the dragon was defeated
And at last was doomed to die
At last was doomed to die