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Cathedral of the Cross
We had not met yet...
T.A.B. building in 2013

Montgomery-based PowerbandDragonslayer had grown large enough that churches often called us to staff their events, knowing we would bring experience and a strong team to the show and that we would make things run smoothly.  Most of these concerts were with national bands but sometimes they involved local bands at various church rallies.  Whatever the event we used whoever was available and each concert team was composed of volunteers from many different parts of town, or even many different towns.  This often turned our concerts into reunions among the Dragonslayer crew.  

One of these concerts was with Geoff Moore and The Distance (GMD) on September 2nd, 1989.  Cathedral of the Cross ran a teen club called Teens Against Boredom (T.A.B.) and often hosted concerts in their parking lot in Center Point on the northeast side of Birmingham.  Randy, Cathedral's youth minister, called me and asked for a full team to support the GMD concert because his own volunteer staff would be busy running the T.A.B. and handling parking.  I put the word out and assembled a team.  I had to work on the other side of Birmingham that day and would not be able to be there until after the concert had begun, so others stepped in to manage the event,  We ended up with around thirty people from a half-dozen towns on site. 

Geoff Moore and The DistanceAfter work I drove across Birmingham to the concert, changed into my Dragonslayer white shirt, and walked across the T.A.B. parking lot toward the stage.  There were hundreds of people there watching GMD perform on a couple of flat bed trailers.  Everything was set up properly and Dragonslayer people were all in the right places to protect the stage and take care of the other concert jobs.  The concert was running smoothly.  I took up my normal position on the right at the back of the audience and watched the concert.  To my left a group of six Dragonslayer red shirts were sitting on the pavement including a pretty girl I had never seen before. 

It was not unusual for me to not recognize my own crew.  There were so many people in Dragonslayer, and management was so delegated, that only a couple dozen people knew I was in charge.  But this was a pretty girl I didn't know with long brunette hair.  And, more importantly, she wasn't sitting with any guys.  I actually knew one of the other girls sitting there and her boyfriend Scott was the white shirt who was managing this concert.  Scott told me later the mystery girl was a Montevallo College student named Donna who had recently joined Dragonslayer and had already worked a couple of other concerts.  Scott had her phone number and gave it to me.

I called Donna a week later and had a wonderful conversation, but I wasn't completely sure this was the same person I had seen at the concert and did not ask her out.  Then I left Birmingham for three months' training for a new job in Oklahoma and did not move back to Birmingham for another two months, when I returned to my previous job at a Christian bookstore.  I saw Donna at a couple of concerts during that time but was never in a position to talk to her. 

Then she walked into my store looking for a job, a full year after the GMD concert.  I realized who she was and immediately hired her.  Within a month she agreed to go out with me and we quickly became inseperable, dating for two years until I asked her to marry me.  She said yes and we never looked back.  She is still my wife, we still do concerts, and I have never been happier.  Today our three daughters work concerts right alongside us in No Name Concerts, and they are learning how to do concert stuff just like we did.

People like you!

In 1988 we were at an oversold Mylon LeFevre concert at Samford University's Wright Center.  Every seat was taken and there were over 3,000 people in the building.  At the height of the concert I was in my traditional place in the right rear of the auditorium talking on my radio with Paul, the white shirt who was in charge of stage crew that night.  We were interrupted by a lady who was upset that I was just standing there while a great concert was underway right in front of me.


Lady:  "Look how excited this crowd is!  Why aren't you excited too?"


Me:  "I'm happy to be here, I'm just more subdued than other people."


Lady:  "I don't think you are happy to be here.  You know, people like you are why we don't have more Christian concerts in Birmingham!"


This person had no idea that I was the reason this concert, and all the other concerts, were happening.  I guess I just wasn't excited enough.

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