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Atomic Turtle - Slider

Our TV used to be mounted to the wall over the fireplace. It worked well there but it was just a big, black plastic box on the wall when not in use. I didn't like it just sitting there so I removed the TV and came up with a better solution.  The Slider is a picture that completely conceals the television.  When you want to watch something you just activate the Slider and it slides the picture up out of the way, completely exposing the television.  When the Slider is down you would never know there is a TV behind the picture, even if you get up close to it.

The Slider is powered by a 36-inch gate actuator that is hidden in the attic.  Upon activation the actuator pulls a lever that pulls a steel cable.  The cable is routed through several pulleys and is attached to the bottom of the picture frame.  As the cable is pulled the picture frame goes right up the wall and then automatically stops when it clears the television.  It bounces a little bit but not enough to worry about and it's pretty neat to see it slide up the wall.

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