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Atomic Turtle - Dome of Destiny

The Dome of Destiny is a device you can use to make decisions about games or life. It helps you determine your destiny! Its is a pedestal that supports an array of electronic devices, all of which can answer whatever questions you have. Standing 130 cm tall (51 inches) it is modeled after an old-style stock ticker and is built from red oak that we stained red. Because it has a small base we built it heavy to make it hard to accidentally knock over.

Under the glass dome are electronics that provide the following five functions. Each function is launched via the pushbutton control panel on the front of the pedestal:

  1. A Yes/No decision maker that alternatively flashes red and green LEDs back and forth until only one is illuminated. It helps you make binary decisions.
  2. Dual electronic dice that both roll whenever you push the button.
  3. A 10 LED roulette wheel that has colored LEDs of the most powerful type we could find. It really lights up the room.
  4. An Arduino-controlled Magic 8 Ball that displays responses on a 4-line LCD text display. The original Magic 8 Ball had twenty answers but the Dome of Destiny has 500.
  5. A 30-second timer that is used whenever you'd use a 30-second hourglass while playing a board game.

The under-the-dome electronics are fully exposed with all wires and connections visible. A total of six circuit boards, 34 LEDs, and one 4x20 character LCD display are crammed under the glass. The only electronic part not visible under the glass is the transformer that powers the system.

But the dome isn't all there is to the Dome of Destiny. In the pedestal cabinet below the dome there is a 10-battery AA/AAA/9V recharger that supports the 45+ rechargable batteries we use around the house. On the cabinet door are three battery dispensers that provide easy access to charged batteries. There is also a battery test meter so you can check any battery to see if it is fully charged. At the bottom of the cabinet are two battery-powered emergency lanterns and a box of emergency candles and matches. We store birthday candles there too because that's where we store candles.

The cabinet also contains an emergency flashlight that turns on when the power goes out. The flashlight's mount is arranged so that the beam shoots upward into the glass dome, lighting it up when the power is out. This means that the Dome of Destiny will light your darkest hour. To use the emergency flashlight you just grab it and pull it out of the cabinet.

Rounding out the electronics fit are mounts on the cabinet door for our Annoy-A-Tron and the Dome's handheld radio control device. The Annoy-A-Tron is there because we can't figure out anywhere else to store it. The remote control allows a user to launch all five Dome functions from a considerable distance. We've tested it all the way from the mailbox in front of the house but it can probably control the Dome from an even greater distance.

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