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Atomic Turtle - Bling Crutches

My daughter dislocated her knee in a bizarre walking accident.  She was walking and her knee spontaneously dislocated.  After a trip to the emergency room she was given pain killers, an appointment with a physical therapist, and a pair of crutches.  The crutches were just basic crutches and were nowhere near as cool as they should have been, so we changed them.

We applied silver glitter duct tape to each crutch and used it's rough surface to glue 1,000 crystal diamonds to each crutch.  Then we added six bright blue LEDs to each crutch and mounted thumb switches on the hand holds to activate them.  The result was a pair of crutches for the ages. 

Everywhere we went lots and lots people would stop us to take pictures and she couldn't go anywhere without being stopped multiple times.  This happened repeatedly even though she rarely used the LEDs.  The diamonds alone were enough to get her lots of attention.  I call that a success.


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