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Atomic Turtle - Concerts
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I've been involved in promoting and producing Contemporary Christian music concerts since around 1980. Contemporary Christian music is just modern popular music that is lyrically focused on matters concerned with the Christian faith. The term typically applies to pop, rock, rap, or praise & worship styles, but can be applied to every type of music other than country and traditional church hymns. It is original music that is composed and performed by Christians and it has a very large and diverse following.

Many of those listeners like to go to concerts to see their favorite bands and there is a whole industry that supports the necessary concert tours. The concerts can be small or large in audience size and feature everything from simple unplugged acoustic setups to arena-scale sound and light productions. It's really like any other form of music, with the most popular bands drawing the largest crowds.

Backstage at ShoutfestMost people don’t realize that a concert is a large and complex project. Work starts months in advance with band booking, venue rental, hotel/caterer arrangements, ticket distribution, radio ads, poster/flyer distribution, advertising mailout, crew recruitment, and a host of other tasks. And that’s just the advance work. On the day of the concert the crew has to secure the facility, unload all of the sound and light gear, set up the stage, transport the band and its entourage to and from the hotel, feed everyone, set up the merchandise sales tables, and then do all of that in reverse after the show, all on a very tight and unforgiving schedule. The audience always thinks everything was set up just before they arrive but the truth is by the time they show up hours of production work have been completed and all that’s really left to do is tear down after the show. 

With Michael TaitI specialize in making everything work the day of the concert. That means I am there from the beginning right through to when the last crew member leaves the auditorium. The team is all volunteer and, depending on the concert size, can vary from a handful of people to over 100 workers. We try to do a good job on setup so the band can focus on ministry during the concert. It is hard work but very rewarding. It's also very fun to do!  I've managed a large number of concerts and I keep my backstage passes on my Badge Wall.

My concert history is described in the articles that follow. Even though we didn't all have phone cameras back then, the pictures in the articles and slideshows are all from the actual concerts being referenced.



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